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Granite Landscape
A natural history of America's granite domes by the author of Reading the Forest Landscape.
Price: $19.95
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Granite, Fire and Fog: The Natural and Cultural History of Acadia
A great new book that explores borth the natural and cultural history of Maine's Acadia National Park.
Price: $19.95
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Hiking Acadia National Park (3rd edition)
 The new third ediiton of this great hiking guide to Maine's scenic Acadia National park.
Price: $22.95
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Hiking Vermont
Second edition of excellent guide to the best hiking adventures in Vermont.
Price: $18.95
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Historic Acadia National Park: The Stories Behind One of America's Great Treasures
An excellent new illustrated history of Maine's treasured Acadia National Park.
Price: $16.95
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Hubbard Brook: The Story of a Forest Ecosystem
 A lavishly illustrated book looking back at fifty years of important scientific research at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire's White Mountains.
Price: $45.00
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In Season: A Natural History of the New England Year
A wonderful look at New England's natural world at work in both words and pictures.
Price: $27.95
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In the Company of Bears: What Black Bears Have Taught Me About Intelligence and Intuition
The new renamed paperback version of Ben Kilham's popular book, Out on a Limb. A fascinating read!
Price: $17.95
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Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting, and Family Lives of Familiar Birds
A fabulous new illustrated book that offers a rare up close and personal look at the breeding and nesting cycles of many popular bird species. Features dozens of stunning color photographs.
Price: $16.95
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Just Walking the Hills of Vermont
A  lyrical collection of original essays from former Vermont Public Radio commentator Alan Boye.
List Price: $14.95
Price: $9.95
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Landowner's Guide to Wildlife Habitat: Forest Management for the New England Region
An easy-to-use guide for enhancing wildlife habitat quality, timber values, and the appearance of forest lands.
Price: $24.95
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Language of the Forest
Autobiography of longtime Maine woodsman and guide C. Ross McKenney.
Price: $14.95
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Lichens Above Treeline
A hiker's guide to the alpine zone lichens of the Northeastern United States.
Price: $15.95
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Life in the Cold
Third edition of the author's accalimed indroduction to winter ecology.
List Price: $22.95
Price: $12.95
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Life in the Cold: An Introduction to Winter Ecology (Fourth edition)
An expanded new fourth edition of author Peter Marchand's seminal book on winter ecology. Includes a new chapter on climate change and its effects on plants and animlas winterring in the North.
Price: $29.95
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Looking Out for Our Forests
The previously untold story of New Hampshire's century-old forest fire protection system, full of vintage photographs.
Price: $20.00
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