» Natural History
New England Weather, New England Climate
A comprehensive, accessible guide to a subject near and dear to every New Englander's heart.: the weather.
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New England Wildlife
An essential reference guide to the natural histories and distributions of more than 330 terrestrial and aquatic species in New England.
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New Hampshire's Connecticut Lakes Region
 The photographic history of New Hampshire's last great frontier, as compiled by Donna Jordan.
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New Wilderness Voices: Collected Essays from the Waterman Fund Contest
A superb new collection of essays celebrating the Northeast's wildest places.
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Old Time Gardens
 A recent reprint edition of this classic gardening book originally published in 1901.
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On Wilderness: Voices from Maine
A unique compilation of 40 essays bearing witness to the central role of wilderness as it pertains to Maine. Now on sale!
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Outdoor Explorations in Mt. Washington Valley
Used copy of this interesting natural history guide to places of interest in New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley.
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Passport to AMC's High Huts in the White Mountains
A compact new, easy-to-carry guide to the Appalachian Mountain Club's string of eight backcountry huts in New Hampshire's White Mountains.
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Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge Map and Guide
A great new map to the Pondicherry Widlife Refuge in northern New Hampshire.
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Presidential Range: Its Geologic History and Plate Tectonics
The complete hiker's guide and map to the bedrock geology of the Presidential Range.
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Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature
The sweeping biography of environmentalist Rachel Carson.
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Reading the Forested Landscape
A full and wholly original portrait of New England's forests, tracing their evolution from precolonial times to the present.
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Return of the Wolf
A thought-provoking collection of four essays that debate the merits of returning the wolf to the northeastern United States.
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Returning North with the Spring
New Hampshire author John Harris retraces the 1947 springtime journey of Pulitzer Prize-winning naturalist Edwin Way Teale in this fascinating travel memoir.
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Roan Mountain: History of an Appalachian Treasure
 A well-writeen and well-researched natural and human history of this 6,285-foot mountain in eastern Tennessee.
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Rockhounding New England (First Edition)
A great guide to 100 of the best mineral collecting sites in the six-state New England region. SALE PRICED!
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